Dr Martin Luther King: Annotated Bibliography

Now that you have selected a topic for your final presentation (mine is Dr Martin Luther king) , this week you will need to construct your annotated bibliography using APA style. For this assignment, you need to select a minimum of 8 sources that you plan on using for your presentation and then construct the annotations for each source. The concept of constructing a bibliography is certainly not new for most students, but you may not be as comfortable adding annotations to the bibliography entries.

After you select a source and reference it in APA format, construct the annotation for the source. The annotation is really just answering a few questions about the sources itself and once you answer these questions this part of the assignment almost creates itself. Answer the following 6 questions for each source:

Main purpose of the source
Intended audience for the source
Relevance to your topic (or explain why it was not relevant to your topic)
Author’s background and credibility
Author’s conclusions or observations
Your conclusions or observations
Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 3-5 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page (minimum of 8 scholarly sources)

The week before I did My presentation topic selection which is on Dr. Martin Luther King. So its just building on that by selecting references
Week 3 Course Project: Topic Selection
For my topic, the person I selected to write about is Martin Luther King Jr. The reason I’m choosing to write about him is because when I think of the times we are in living in politically today, I think his story will be an interesting one to reflect on. As a child, there were oh so many people I was taught about in history that stick with me into adulthood. I’m looking forward to blowing the cobwebs off so to speak and digging deeper into research as to why he was such a positive political influence as he was.
Three things I would like to talk about is social injustice, needs for political change and equality. During the days of <link is hidden> Jr., race relations was a big problem as segregation limited the fundamental rights of African Americans in this US. Displays of hate and racial prejudice was quite common and many wanted to see improvements in the treatment of African Americans. With segregation being legal, there was an uprising of those who wanted the laws to change. At the end, the fight for equality created the civil rights movement and all these aspects are things I will elaborate on in my presentation.

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