Change Management Plan

Building a new software application is just the start, as organizations invest in software to help solve business problems. For systems to be effective and have a positive influence on organizational goals, they need to address user experience and focus on how best to gain new system adoption. The ideas for a new strategy are compiled in a document titled, “A Change Management Plan.” This plan contains information about the new user experience, how the new system will be supported, and the communication plans to inform the system users, which include FAQs and instructions on how to use the system.

Develop a change management plan (between 1- to 3-pages of content) for WeLoveVideo, Inc. Within the change management plan, incorporate the following:

  • Ways in which the system was designed to support a positive user experience
  • How the system changes will be communicated to users
  • Ways in which you will shape communications to ensure a positive outlook
  • Collateral (i.e. FAQs and user guides) that will be developed in support of the new system
  • The type of support that will be available to users after implementation

Refer to Ch. 13 of Modern Systems Analysis and Design in the Wk 5 – Learning Activities folder for information on creating change management plans.

Submit your assignment.

Faculty Note:

Don’t overthink what a change management plan need to look like. Focus on answering the five bullet points above (areas), and your plan will be complete. This should be fairly straight forward, and remember, we are still doing a CRM for WeLoveVideo.


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