Description Of New Venture

In order to complete the next three assignments, you will need to put together an idea for a new venture/company.  

This assignment will consist of the following:

1)    Elevator Pitch – Maximum two sentences that describes your company idea.

2)    Summary of new venture – Maximum of one paragraph that describes in greater detail your new venture and in particular the problem that you are trying to solve for your customer.

3)    Who is your target customer?  Why do they want to buy your product?  Describe who your target customer is and how you are going to reach them.

4)    How big is the current market?  How fast is it growing?  How large will the market be in five years?

5)    Who is your competition?  Please describe.

6)    Status of your venture.  Just an idea.  Have developed initial product.  Have sold initial product.

7)    How much money will you need.  Please put together sources and uses table.

Maximum length of this homework assignment is 3 pages. 

Double spaced utilizing 11 font

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