What implications does this have for adopting a sense-making approach to organizational change?

Important: Please ensure that your reference for the article is in correct APA format, as your reference in your discussion post. Depending on which electronic database you use, you should see a “Cite” selection for your article. In addition, there should be a variety of articles summarized and as such, students should have different articles summarized. Your summary MUST include ALL of the following in your DQ post (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):

Do these in order:

  • In correct APA format, write the Reference of the article.
  • Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.
  • Describe how you will use it in your upcoming assignment.
  • Repeat for a total of eight (8) peer-reviewed sources.

Professional Assignment 2 – CLO 4

PA2 requires you to identify a current change in an organization with which you are familiar and evaluate a current public issue about which “something must be done.”  In relation to the change issue, think about what sense-making changes might need to be enacted and how you would go about doing this. Assess this in terms of the eight (8) elements of the sense-making framework suggested by Helms Mills and as set out in Table 9.7: 

  1. Identity construction
  2. Social sense-making
  3. Extracted cues
  4. Ongoing sense-making
  5. Retrospection
  6. Plausibility
  7. Enactment
  8. Projection
  • Which ones did you believe you might have the most/least control over and why? 
  • What implications does this have for adopting a sense-making approach to organizational change?

Prepare a minimum of four (4) pages document with your answers and thoughts in APA format.

*Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments inthe University Policies for specific guidelines and expectations.


1. Try not to list your point. Provide a complete discussion and sub heading for those points. 

2. Provide a conclusion.

3. Be sure to format your document to APA 7. There were minor errors throughout.

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