Discussion: Integrated Marketing

**Brand is the film industry**


· Explain the importance of using a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels in a marketing strategy through an integrated marketing communication approach

· Discuss the strategic role and advantage of digital advertising compared to traditional advertising

· Identify important digital marketing metrics and establish KPIs for a successful campaign


Start by reviewing the following reading assignments:

· Brilliant Marketing by Richard Hall – Chapter 16: Creating an Integrated Marketing Plan

· 7 Ways to Create a Successful Integrated Marketing Plan by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff. 

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding the importance of an effective integrated marketing communication strategy. Instructions:


For this discussion, you will submit an initial post and respond to a classmate’s post.

Initial Post (80%) – DUE WEDNESDAY

1. Find an example of a brand within your industry that is creatively using an integrated marketing approach in their campaign. Explain why the integrated marketing approach is unique or innovative. Provide links, videos, and/or pictures to support your explanation.

2. What clear, compelling, and consistent marketing message is the brand sharing with consumers? How is the marketing integrated across multiple platforms? What marketing channels is the brand using to develop an effective integrated campaign? How is the look consistent across channels?

3. Is the brand using digital and traditional forms of advertising in the campaign? What role and advantage does digital advertising have compared to traditional advertising, and vice versa?

4. If you worked for the brand, which KPIs would you assess to measure the campaign’s effectiveness?

Response Post (20%) – DUE SUNDAY

1. Review you classmate’s integrated marketing example. What other marketing channels do you think may be a great addition to the integrated campaign? What is the brand doing well? What might they do differently? 

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