Conflict in the real world

LDRS 400 SP21

Conflict in the real world

Hidden Figures (2016)

In-Class notes & case study assignment

Due February 25th, 2021

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HIDDEN FIGURES (2016) tells the inspirational story of three African-American mathematicians; Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. During the Cold War, the trio worked at NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Hampton as the US raced against the USSR to put a man into space. The intellectuals played a vital role in the launch of the now late astronaut John Glenn into orbit as well as in orchestrating his safe return. The film is based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly. As we screen this film we will analyzing conflict, culture, race, gender, difficult conversations and negotiations. This film provides the backdrop in which you will work together in groups to conduct research and present your findings to your classmates.

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During & after the movie – take notes using the following prompts to guide you.  You will use these notes and ideas for your group project work so be sure to pay attention.

Each student will complete this case study assignment online (assignment worksheet posted in the moodle). You have two weeks to complete and submit it to the dropbox.

 I will review your submission and return them to you with any comments necessary. This assignment will be useful as you work on your group project and will count as 5% towards your total grade for your group project (20%). Thoughtful responses and observations, questions and reflections will be used to grade your submission. Point form is acceptable but be sure to answer the questions as best you can.

















2.   ThE Larger Conflict of RACISM IN THE SOUTH:

                    i.            Based on what you observed from the movie, identify and discuss the larger conflict that was taking place in the South of the United States at this time. Describe it. What was it about? Why was it important? (You may want to do further internet research to understand more about Civil Rights Movement in the United States).





                  ii.            Who were the 4-6 key people we see in this film and briefly describe their relationship to each and to the conflict in the movie.















iii.  Discuss the ripple effect of this conflict at NASA and how this large conflict created other conflicts through the film and in the lives of the characters portrayed. How did racism against negroes (black people) affect the key people you met in this film? How did it affect black people in in the story? How did it affect the other white people in the South?














Using the template below and on the next page, outline 3 conflicts you observed from the film that the three women (Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy) went through and answer the questions in the template.

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