History of African-Americans in the U.S.

Student Directions:

  1.  Please go to ‘file’ and then click ‘make a copy’.
  2. Add your Last Name, First name to your personal ‘copy’ of the chart below.
  3. Save your copy in a safe place in Google Drive.
  4. You will turn it in later in the semester, as you gather information. The first event is provided for you.

History of African-Americans in the U.S.

Title of the eventYear/range of the eventShort, specific description  Specific leaders or group  directly involved  Specific reference of progress or setback (amendment passed, the Supreme Court decision made, the organization formed, etc.In your opinion was this event positive or negative? Why or why not?  Specific support must be included here.
African Americans receive the right to vote     

Ongoing assignment details:

As you go through the semester, you will submit the document when assigned, adding new events. 

At the end of the course submit your assignment as

  •  a well-organized, creative Power Point or
  • an organized paper with subtitles for each event (which include all parts of the chart used this semester).
  • You are not permitted to hand in the chart only

Choose specific, descriptive events/changes directly about the African-American community in the U.S.  Do not include general events that involve all Americans (wars, depression, natural disasters or other general choices).

  • Semester A project will only cover Reconstruction to 1930

The following is a review of the Rubric requirements:

Be sure to check the rubric!

• The assignment may be in the form of a Timeline, or a written account.

• The assignment must include the following components:

The assignment must include at least 10 events and all of the following components:

Brief, clear title of all events (10)

Year range or specific date for all entries (10)

Description of the event (20)

Particular people/leaders involved (10)

Specific reference to any particular progress or setback (amendment/Supreme Court decision/organization formed, or general description, etc.) (20)

Judgment by student whether this was a positive or negative event (10)

Demonstration of effort and excellence

Well edited with minimal errors (5)

All pictures or sources must be referenced.

Projects must have sources.

• Total Points:  85

* Again, please stay within the eras from Reconstruction to The Great Depression.

Ongoing assignment: content covered in each entry/unit (total 10 events

W2D5: review of civil war and beginning of reconstruction – 1 event

W6D4: Native americans and the west – 1 event

W8D2: progressive era – 2 events

W10D3: America becomes a world power – 2 events

W12D4: WWI, America’s entry and the home front – 2 events W15D4: Early Months of the great depression – 2 events

Please return the chart in pdf, and use MLA format for all references

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