Anthropology Analysis of one Culture from your Family’s Ethnic Heritage


Paper 2: Anthropology Analysis of one Culture from your Family’s Ethnic Heritage 

This is NOT a research paper. THIS IS AN ANALYTICAL ESSAY. It’s applying Anthropology terms to one specific culture. It’s Objective Anthropological ANALYSIS of ONE of the original cultures from someone in your family’s history. It’s a way to learn a little about your Personal ethnicity.

GOAL: The aim of this paper is to use terms specific to Anthropology to Analyze a Culture from a country outside the USA.

INSTRUCTIONS: Anthropology ANALYSIS of ONE specific Culture will do all of these:       
Correctly DEFINE Anthropology terms in your own words.
Accurately APPLY these unique terms from Anthropology
Clearly Explain SPECIFIC examples in the Culture being Analyzed

The terms you need to Analyze using Anthropology are in UNIT 2 Week 5, ALL of UNITS 3 & 4.  

Here are guidelines for doing the paper. THIS INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS ON FORMAT:

FIRST, Find the Culture: Do NOT use the USA. Do NOT use a sub-culture formed in the USA after 1560 (date of first European settlement in what’s now the US)

Find ONE country that’s the original homeland of a family member, either recently or in the past. Analyze the original culture from that country. Hispanic, African American, etc. are subcultures in the US. They are from countries outside the US. Find the ORIGINAL country. Analyze that culture. If you’re Native, adopted, immigrated,

Here are guidelines to help find you heritage

There will be a weekly Assignment to help you find your Ethnic Heritage.

You MUST use ALL these sources to find out about the Culture you’re Analyzing. Remember, this is NOT a research paper. DO NOT QUOTE.

Some of you may still feel a need to quote. IF YOU DO QUOTE, you MUST include “quotation marks” a (parenthetical citation) after the quote AND a Source citation must be in your bibliography. If these are missing on your paper, it’s plagiarism. Your paper will not be graded.

Here are guidelines on Academic honesty policies: KVCC Plagiarism Policy & correct ways to use quotes: Quotation Guidelines 

 Read books, websites, articles, on the country, people or culture. These must be academic sources. I accept Wikipedia as ONE source. Do not just do a Google search for Anthropology terms & use that search site as a source. That would not be an academic source.
Here is a list of resources put together by the KVCC librarians  KVCC Library source list
***At least 2 written academic references must be cited in your bibliography***

2. VISUAL RESOURCE Watch a dvd, film, webcast about this country. Documentaries, travel films, etc. show dress, manners, art, etc. Don’t use tiny ‘youTube’ clips, but long webcasts are fine.
***In the bib 1) clearly label it as a visual 2) Name the visual 3) Include a source citation***

3. INTERVIEW Ask a person who has PERSONALLY VISITED your ancestor’s homeland about their visit.
***In the bib-1) Name interviewee 2) Ddate interviewed 3) Explain their contact w/ the place***

4CURRENT EVENT NEWS ARTICLE Find NEWS about this country. People (related to you) live there & are affected by current events. Read a current news article about this country. Include:
a. a copy of the article with b. answers to all 4 the questions in the Part V Appendix.
***In the bib include a citation for the article’s source***

5. MAPS Find a world map & a regional map. Indicate your ancestor’s country on each. Include both clearly labelled maps in the Part V Appendix.
*** In the bib include a citation for your maps***

Investigate you country/Culture using ALL five sources. You may use more, but these 5 are required. Sources from are good for Part I. is best for Part II & lll-the Anthropology analysis. are good for Part lV. apply to the appendix in Part V.   

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