COMM Variables Assignment

Final Research Proposal Assignment

100 points

Final Research Proposal Submission: You are going to combine all of the important elements from previous assignments into one unified research proposal. Please do not copy and paste exactly what you have written in previous assignments as the format in which I asked you to write something up in Week 2, 3, 4, or 5 may not translate to this final document. In other words, every assignment leading up to this will be utilized, but you will have to re-write some information to make it flow. Assignment information to include:

  • COMM Variables Assignment (information from this assignment should be used in the review of literature and the methodology sections)
  • Past Library Research (information from this assignment should be used in the review of literature section)
  • Empirical Rational, Hypothesis Assignment (information from this assignment should be used in the empirical rationale and hypothesis/RQ sections)
  • Methodology Assignment (information from this assignment should be used in the methodology section)

Here is a specific break-down of how the research proposal should be presented; makes sure that you submit all 8 sections (in order) for the final research proposal:

  1. Cover Page – Include a correct APA 7th Edition Cover Page for a student paper.
  2. Relevance of Topic (this section serves as your introduction; about 2-3 paragraphs): In this section you want us to learn why this variable has gained importance; why should we care to learn more about this particular style, approach? Why is this an important topic area, to us as students or faculty?
  3. Review of Literature (about 2-3 pages): In this section you want to teach us what you have learned from the readings. What are the major findings on this topic? What are the “takeaway” messages that you have gained from all of your research on this topic? How can we use this information to improve our instructional, classroom relationships? Any general or specific advice? Coherent literature reviews often have separate sections for each variable (Hint: You may utilize bold headings of the variable names to separate these sections); with each section, first, providing the conceptual definition of the variable, second, including relevant findings from previous studies. The literature review is a straightforward and concise discussionof relevant literature to provide the background and rationale for your research question and hypothesis.  Rather than provide a series of seemingly related paragraphs, you should weave together all of the sources you have read into a coherent argument. You need to organize this material in a logical way – the worst thing your group can do is regurgitate information from the past library research in an “orderly” fashion. What I mean by this is that each paragraph is basically a re-write of the findings from that assignment and they are all strung together without any sort of guiding purpose. You need to have structure. The structure could be as simple as: “Negative Outcomes” and “Positive Outcomes.” If you are having trouble with organizing your paper, please reach out to me for a meeting. By the end of the literature review, the reader should understand what the variables are, why they are important, and why they should be related. Pay close attention to the organizational framework of the literature review.
  4. Empirical Rationale, Hypothesis (about 2-3 paragraphs): At the end of the review, but before the Hypothesis and Research Question are presented, you are to provide a rationale (include a separate heading for this section entitled “Rationale”) to introduce the Hypothesis and Research Question. This should be a logical, well-supported paragraph indicating why the IV and DV should be related in the manner that you have predicted. Additionally, you should provide rationale for why it is important to learn more about your IV or DV through the research question.  In other words, why do we need to learn more about the variable to increase our understanding of communication?If you did your first version of this assignment correctly, then you might actually be able to just copy and paste the assignment content into this section. Pay very careful attention to my comments and suggestions for revisions PRIOR to copy and pasting anything.
  5. Research Question/Hypothesis: Your hypothesis is a specific prediction or set of predictions that you will test during your study; your research question is posed to learn more about a particular variable. (Check APA for how to properly format your H and RQ).
  6. Methodology:If you did your first version of this assignment correctly, then you might actually be able to just copy and paste the assignment content into this section. Pay very careful attention to my comments and suggestions for revisions PRIOR to copy and pasting anything.
  7. Resources Required (answer the following questions):
    1. Think about your potential survey design. What will you need to accomplish survey distribution? If using an online resource, what will you use? If administering hard copy surveys, what is your plan for printing, collating, distribution, and data entry?
    1. How much time do you intend to spend on your research project? In other words, given what you have already completed, how much longer do you actually think it would take to complete the entire project? Recall, that after data entry you still have to analyze, report out, interpret, and write up the results section, discussion section, and conclusion.
  8. Overall Reflection (answer the following questions):
    1. Given the other types of variables that we discussed in Week 3 of lecture, what other variable(s) might be worthwhile to study in your current research proposal? Think of at least one other variable and identify what the relationship to the other two might be (e.g., mediating variable). Why might this variable be worthy of inclusion?
    1. You have experience thinking about, researching, and hypothetically designing a research study from the social scientific perspective; however, would you want to continue conducting research via the social scientific paradigm? Or would you prefer another paradigm as we discussed in the earlier weeks of this course? Why?
    1. What were your greatest challenges in completing the final research proposal? How you were able to work around them (or not). If there were no challenges, then describe in detail why you believe that to be true.
    1. Were there elements of the course that you would have like expanded, explained more thoroughly, or concepts that were unclear?
    1. Did the lack of a textbook detract from your learning? Why or why not?
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