Your 2-3 page narrative should be typed and double-spaced, with 1” margins, top, sides, and bottom of each page.  Prepare your statement to include the following: 

  1. There are some practical situations, given specific vulnerabilities of an individual student or circumstances of work with a given client population or in a particular agency, which might place you, the student, at either physical or emotional risk.
  2. Describe any settings and/or populations where you have a reluctance to serve
    1. International social work, justice, and correctional, health educator, health care social worker, clinical social worker
  3. Describe personal issues that may impact your choice of possible practicum sites; i.e., substance abuse, no car or a suspended driver’s license, caretaking responsibilities for a family member, etc. 
    1. Distance,
  4. Briefly disclose pertinent information involving previous, existing, or continuing health/medical conditions or other issues that may impact the placement
    1. I don’t have any health/medical issues that may impact the placement.

NOTE: Such issues need to be presented to the Directors of Field Instruction in advance to assist with planning for your field placement.  It is your responsibility to apprise the Field Directors of this information. Failure to disclose may result in denial of admission to field or termination of field placement.

B.  Discuss the factors, reasons, and motivations that led you to consider social work as your career.

  • Discuss your particular interests in social work. (Reasons for choosing the field; your educational pursuits; populations you would like to serve; and your eventual social work goals; etc.)
    • Prevent kids from going through what I went through, being able to be there for them and etc. I chose the field because of personal experiences, seeing what they do motivates me. I also love kids and hate the thought of negative things they go through due to the fact of poverty or parents not knowing or having those resources, you know? Just want to be able to help.
  • Describe a situation in which you have asked for help. (Talk about the event as well as the feelings associated with your need, and how this influenced your choice of social work as a career choice)
    • Nobody in my family (except my aunt but she was always busy) has ever been to college so when the time came for me to apply to colleges and FAFSA I was stressed out and crying because I didn’t know anything about it. I mean I knew about college and knew what I had to do but didn’t know where I had to go to or anything like that. My mom didn’t really talk much to us about school and wasn’t on us about it. She just told us to go to college but didn’t really help if that makes sense. I know this is a bad example but it’s like a child telling their mom “I’m hungry” and the mom saying “well then you need to eat”. I know I need to eat that’s why I’m telling you I’m hungry so you can fix me some food, you feel me? I asked my friend’s mom to help me fill out my FAFSA and principal to help me apply to schools.
  • Describe a situation in which you have given help. (Talk about the event as well as your perceptions about being the helper, and how this influenced your choice of social work as a career choice)
    • I’ve helped friends and family get a job when they were struggling and made sure I was there for them to fill out job applications so they wouldn’t have any excuses. After having the job I saw they were doing well. All it takes is a little motivation. They thanked me. I just love that feeling, the genuine feeling, the feeling of someone being happy and appreciative of me.

Field Directors will consider your special needs and circumstances and will try to make accommodations when and where necessary.  In recognizing the importance of the field placement, however, please make arrangements for child care, caretaking duties for parents, etc.  The field placement is a graded, professional practice experience that must meet the criteria of the field instruction program and the professional development needs identified for the program, the profession, and you, the student.

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