Race and Ethnicity: What cultural differences would you expect?

Race and Ethnicity 

Using cultural relativism, consider what it means to become an immigrant to the United States from a non-Western country of origin;

·  What cultural differences would you expect? 

·  What challenges would you expect? 

·  What do you think would be most difficult to leave behind? 

Make a list of what you think would be the most difficult aspects of changing countries and changing culture.

Choose one of the options below for your assignment this week: 

Option A (750-1250 words)

1.  If “race” doesn’t exist, why is racism still such a pervasive problem today?

2.  In human societies, is it possible for peoples to be different and yet equal?

3.  Can you recall social situations in which you (or people around you) changed their accents or manner of speaking? Do you think this was conscious or unconscious? What was the context for this shift in language? What meaning did it have for you and others? 

4.  Did this language shift symbolize certain relationships among the people involved?

Option B (750-1250 words)

1.  Ethnic group conflict and violence—and understanding their causes and consequences—are central concerns for contemporary anthropologists. What ethnic conflicts are you aware of being waged today?  

2.  Identify a specific area in the world in which violence or warfare is defined as rooted in ethnic group conflict. 

3.  On the basis of brief research, describe which ethnic groups are engaged in this conflict. 

4.  How is the conflict explained by the different groups involved: Which group(s) did what? 

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