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  2. Please proof read and edit for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, tense agreement, etc.
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Week 2

SOSHTalk Assignment

Formatting Reminders

(for full instructions and grading rubric, please review the SOSHTalk Discussion Board folder under “Week 3”)

  • each post must be 200+ words
  • APA citations and references are required for your initial post (and in response posts if material from the textbook or assigned web links is used)
  • initial post (your response to the weekly Assignment) is due by Friday, your responses to classmate’s initial posts are due by Sunday; all posts are due on separate days – late posts will lose 5 points a day
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  • include a Word Count (WC) for each post before your Reference(s)


  • Read Chapter 5, Social Interaction, Groups, and Social Structure,in your text.  Your assignment must be informed by information from the chapter. No outside/web sources, please.
  • Review the Purdue OWL for instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references.  In-text citations go in the paragraph and the reference list is located after the Word Count at the end of your paper. 


  • Describe a situation in which you experienced role conflict.
  • Describe a situation in which you experienced role strain.
  • How did you resolve these issues?  What did you learn about yourself and/or your commitments?
  • Be sure you identify the status and roles that are associated with the role conflict/strain.

responses to two other student initial posts


Before we start talking about role conflict and role strain you will first need to know what social roles are. Social role are a set of expectations for people who inhabit a given social position or status (Schaefer, 2019). First, I will start by talking on role conflict. Role conflict occurs when incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person (Schaefer, 2019). I had a role conflict in high school when I was the coach of the student team versus the faculty in the student versus faculty game. They only let me pick 7 boys and 7 girls. Of course most of the boys on the team were my friends so they felt that I was going to give them the most minutes in the game.  I resloved the issue by having 3 girls and 2 boys on the court at a time. Also, every 4 minutes I changed the lineup. I learned that giving everyone the same amount of time made the event something to remember for all the seniors instead of it being all about winning. Next, role strain is a term used to describe the difficulty that arises when the same social position imposes conflicting demands and expectations (Schaefer, 2019). The role strain that I experienced was in high school I was torn between doing work for school, working at a grocery store, and also doing chores & stuff around the house for my mom. I resolved this by working only on the weekends instead of picking up shifts on the weekdays when I have school. I learned that I was a very responsible person at an young age holding a job, going to school, and helping my mom. 

Words: 287


Schaefer, R. T. (2019). W. E. B. DuBois. Sociology: A Brief Introduction. (13e). New York, NY:  McGraw-Hill Education.


An instance in my life where I can say I have experienced role conflict would be while I was working at my internship. I was recently hired as a digital media intern at a sports marketing agency called ESQ. Being a new hire I was a lot less experienced than other interns who have been with the company since last semester. I have created quite of bit of content that the CEO of the company has enjoyed seeing on our page, and he recently asked me to take a lead on an endorsement campaign. So now instead of me reporting to the more experienced interns with updates on the project, they report to me. This role reversal has caused a bit of role conflict because It felt unusual to give directives to senior interns I used to receive directives from. In the text, Schafer states “Role conflict occurs when incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person. Fulfillment of the roles associated with one status may directly violate the roles linked to a second status. In the example just given, the newly promoted supervisor will most likely experience a sharp conflict between her social and occupational roles. Such role conflicts call for important ethical choices.” (Schaefer, 2019). The situation I described before is an example of role conflict because I had to make an adjustment from getting directives from the senior interns to telling them directives. I resolved this role conflict by approaching the project by thinking like a senior-level intern. I asked myself what would a senior intern tell me to do if I needed to complete a task, then I just delegated the tasks and oversaw the whole process to make it look cohesive. I would normally be given to the other This adjustment was definitely slightly uncomfortable for me at first. One instance in my life where I experienced role strain would be I had to start going to practice on Sunday for volleyball instead of going to church in high school. In high school, I decided to join a club volleyball team I was very excited when I made the team, however, the only pitfall was that we had a scheduled practice or tournament on Sunday mornings from 9-11 am. In my family, I was raised catholic and my family and I attended church services every Sunday. Missing church every Sunday for a few months I definitely experienced role strain, because my team needed me to be at those practices and tournaments every Sunday, but it was a family custom to go to church services every Sunday. Schafer states, “Sociologists use the term role strain to describe the difficulty that arises when the same social position imposes conflicting demands and expectations. People who belong to minority cultures may experience role strain while working in the mainstream culture.” (Schaefer, 2019).  The situation I described previously is a perfect example of role strain between my role as a catholic in my family, and as a teammate on an athletic team. In order to maintain both roles, I had to make a compromise and practice my faith on my own after practice on Sundays by watching recordings of a separate service and finding another service to go to during the week. This helped me maintain my status on the team while not compromising my dedication to my faith.

Word Count: 567 


Schaefer, Richard T. Sociology : A Brief Introduction. 13th ed., Dubuque, Mcgraw-Hill Education, 2019.

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