Your commentary must make explicit connections between the video(s) and the readings

For each of video journal entry, you should write one long paragraph summarizing the main points of the video and one long paragraph of commentary.  Your commentary must make explicit connections between the video(s) and the readings.  Please follow this format for each journal entry: 

 Name of Video:



Entries that do not follow the required format, are very brief, fail to accurately summarize the videos and provide commentary, or to connect the video to the course topics will receive reduced points.  You should plan on writing about one page per week (single spaced).  Video journal entries are due every other week and should be submitted through Canvas as Word or pdf documents.  If I can’t open the file and you are asked to resubmit, your assignment will be considered late.

*****please write the video summary with connecting the elements (see attachment)

Piece By Piece : San Francisco Graffiti Documentary

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