Briefly describe the primary (four) sources of American Law.

Answer each of the following questions. Please answer in an outline form as much as possible. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. These types of exams are graded on accuracy and thoroughness. If the question say “explain”, “differentiate”, “identify”, “outline and explain”, et al., please do so. Pay attention to what the question is asking. This exam should be prepared in teams of two, three or four students. Team wok is how you will earn the extra five points. In addition, teamwork is a sign of class participation because it requires interaction.
Chapter 1
1. Briefly describe the primary (four) sources of American Law.

2. What is the “’Stare Decisis Doctrine”? Explain the role does it play in Common Law Tradition?
3. Explain the difference between Substantive Law and Procedural law.
4. What are the fundamental differences between Civil Law and Criminal Law?
5. Discuss the purpose of “The Commerce Clause”, the role it plays in the USA, and internationally?
6. Briefly explain the Supremacy Caluse.
7. Describe the purpose of the Bill of Rights.
8. Briefly explain each of the ten amendments that make up the Bill of Rights unique.
9. What is the importance of The Bill of Rights to businesses?
10. Explain Due Process.
11. What function does Strict Scrutiny play under the Equal Protection Clause?
12. What Privacy Rights does the author address in chapter 1? Describe.
Chapter 2
1. Discuss the basic Judicial Requirements before courts hear cases, such as Jurisdiction of Persons or Property and Jurisdiction over Subject Matte, Standing to sue and Venue.
2. Explain the basic differences between the State Court System and the Federal Court System?
3. Outline and briefly explain each of the nine fundamental Steps when following or processing a case through State Court as noted in the textbook.
4. Describe Alternative Dispute Resolutions such as Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration. Why are such alternatives of dispute resolution important in Business?

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