How To Read And Use A Case Study

Before writing starting your paper, read “How To Read And Use A Case Study”.

Deliverable   A. Read the Haier’s North America Expansion case study B. Answer the following questions (all):   B. Questions 1. What were the factors behind Haier’s decision to start production in the U.S. in 1999?   2. Do a PESTEL analysis of the external environment for Haier USA.     2. Do a Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the U.S. white goods industry.   3. Do a SWOT analysis for Haier USA.   4. Why did Haier buy GE?  What change can GE employees expect from the change in ownership/management? Also, discuss the impact of the differences in national and organizational cultures, and how can Haier, the new owner, overcome them?   5. What are the strategic implications of emerging Chinese multinationals such as Haier?   6. How will Haier’s success in the US market support its operations and investments in its global markets?00
B. General Instructions & Requirements   Use UMGC’s Library (mainly) for research in this assignment.   2. Only use scholarly and reliable non-scholarly sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Statista, WSJ, FT, Money, Forbes, and Fortune (no, QuickMBA, eHow, Wikipedia…….). 3. Assignment should be supported by at least four scholarly (peer-reviewed articles to support concepts), and at least six reliable non-scholarly sources (to provide consumer, market, and industry information); in addition to the course readings.   4. Assignment should be written in a paper format; not a question and answer format. 5. Please include the following: A one-page executive summary, a half page Introduction, and a half page Lessons Learned & Conclusion at the end of your paper.   5. All questions are to be attempted. Relate your answers to research and course reading. Do not restate the information from the case study; go beyond the included information; analyze!   6. Paper should be 11 – 12 pages long, with one-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spacing, and should be posted as a Word document. The cover page, reference list, and appendix are not part of the page count.  All graphics (if used) should be placed in the appendix.   7. Use APA format for intext citations and the reference list.   8. Case reference   Ezz, M. (2020). Haier’s North American Expansion. Retrieved from
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