Summary: New Geography of Jobs: The Great Divergence

This is summary of two chapters from book
New Geography of Jobs: Smart Labor: Microchips, Movies, and Multipliers

New Geography of Jobs: The Great Divergence

The application should be of each chapter
Application will be graded on
1) Identify a concept
2) Define or describe that concept
3) Apply it to you or someone you know.
Every thing should be not more than 200.

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Using the following product tree, determine the planned order receipts and planned order releases if 200 As are to be produced in week 5

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Explain the difference between nominal and real GDP.

Question 1.The following table shows the prices and quantities of each good consumed in 2016, 2017, and 2018.Cheese Meat FishYear Price Quantity Price Quantity Price Quantity2016 11 300 11 300….

Global Macroeconomics: Briefly explain the various economic principals

Definitions: Absolute Advantage Ceteris Paribus Comparative Advantage Complement Deadweight Loss Demand Efficiency Equilibrium Equity Inferior Good Normal Good Normative Statement Opportunity Cost Positive Statement Price Ceiling Price Floor Shortage Substitute….