Writing Assignment #2: “The Changing American Family”

Writing Assignment #2: “The Changing American Family”

Background: The American family has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. More and

more women are delaying marriage and children while they establish themselves professionally,

gay marriage is now legal, women currently still have the right to have an abortion, health

insurance is more expensive for families, and the basic cost of living is too expensive for many

people to consider marriage and a family.

Chris Beam’s article “The Changing American Family” examines the various issues that the

American family faces today. Beam says that “the very definition of family” is changing (1). To be

considered a family in the past there had to be a mother, father, and children in the home. Today’s

American homes have a variety of family units from single mothers and fathers, gay couples raising

children, grandparents taking care of their children’s children, or older siblings taking care of their

younger siblings.

Instructions: Develop a 2 to 3-page essay on “The Changing American Family” where you answer

the questions below.

How has the American family changed in recent years? What challenges do the American

family face today? In what ways does the American government support “traditional”

families? Does America seem to support “alternative” kinds of family units or does it reject


NOTE: Not only should you consider the article that I gave you and the video that I instructed you

to view, you should also consider your own understanding of family and compare it to what we see

on television, in social media, and in popular culture.

This essay must also conform to academic writing conventions and citation rules as dictated by

MLA (Modern Language Association). You must cite from the article and the video.

When grading this paper, I will use the following Measurable Objectives from the course


• Write essays containing a clearly stated thesis or a recognizable main idea.

• Demonstrate adequate skill in introducing and concluding a theme (essay or paper).

• Identify appropriate and relevant evidence to be presented using a variety of rhetorical

modes, including summary and argumentation.

• Introduce direct quotes and paraphrases accurately and use formal documentation.

• Minimize errors in grammar and mechanics.

Before you begin the essay, please view the following YouTube video on “The Changing American Family”:

(1) The changing American family – YouTube

The changing American family

When it comes to family these days, traditional roles no longer apply, or do they? Rita Braver examines the changing makeup of the American family.


You also need to cite some information from this video into your essay. Consult your textbook for how to cite a video, or you can simply Google this information.

[10:10 PM, 2/17/2021] +1 (313) 520-3021: writing assignment #2 the topic will be “the changing American family” make sure that you understand how to use “textual evidence”

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