Business report on Decision Making in Leadership

Business report on Decision Making in Leadership

Assume that your boss (real or imagined) has asked you to prepare a formal business report on Decision Making in Leadership which will be shared at the next executive meeting. In this report they want to see well documented information on the ways decision making affects leadership in the 21st century. Your report should include evaluation of some frameworks and models of decision making and a justified choice of the model/approach you recommend for your company. Assess benefits and limitations of the model chosen, explain how it influences leadership effectiveness, providing relevant examples from business or political settings. Your recommendations should be based on specific challenges your company face and clearly demonstrate how the chosen model of decision making will help address them successfully.

Report Introduction

  • State purpose & objectives of report (clear and logical)
  • Provided background detail/identified problems.
  • Clarified any limitations of report.

Main decision making models.

  • Discussed several models outlined above.
  • Chose one model as the best and provided solid reasons for the choice.
  • Outlined key components of the chosen model.
  • Discussed each supporting point thoroughly and clearly.
  • Supported assertions with research.

Explanation of how chosen model is linked to leadership effectiveness.

  • Gave situational analysis of model use.
  • Explained how model is linked to leadership effectiveness.
  • Gave real-life example of connection.
  • Supported assertions with research.
  • Tied model components, examples & research together.

Report Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Address purpose & objectives of report
  • Provide a response to each problem identified.

Each recommendation was:

  • action-oriented, concise and clearly written.
  • realistic and feasible
  • supported by research.

References (8-12)

Atleast 2500 words


Report should be written in the formal style; avoid using personal pronouns and sharing personal experience for this assignment; avoid/limit usage of charts, diagrams and other visual components, instead concentrate on making your ideas coherent, relevant and convincing.

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