Frederick Douglass: Why I Learned to Read and Write

This essay is based on the file I upload below.  This is a reflection essay. Format required.

“Frederick Douglass: Why I Learned to Read and Write” . 

  1. State your position on the topic
  2. Describe the points in support, including your position and other evidence
  3. Anticipate and address readers’ concerns and arguments against your position
  4. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization (1 point each)
  5. Formatting (3 points each)
  6. Paper Guidelines
    1. Paper should not exceed 2 pages
    2. Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
    3. Double Spaced. Do not add spaces between paragraphs
    4. 1 inch margins all around. This is not the automatic setting for Word. Pay Attention!
    5. Stapled upper left hand corner
    6. References in APA – parenthetical citations. YOU DO NOT NEED A BIBLIOGRAPHY.
    7. Heading – upper left corner – Single Spaced
      1. Title
      2. Name
      3. Date
      4. Instructor’s Name
      5. Class
      6. Class Date and Time
  7. Proofread and Edit.
  8. Revise – Have you used specific details?
    1. Have you answered the questions?
    2. Do you have topic sentences?
    3. Does the ending contain a clear call to action?
    4. Did you include transitional words and phrases?
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