Which of the communication models (transmission/linear, interaction, or transaction model) do you think is being demonstrated? Why?

Nurse Jackie

  • “The Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)


After watching the first episode of Nurse Jackie, please answer the following questions by typing your answers in the text boxes provided.  


Using the bike messenger situation with Nurse Jackie and Doctor Cooper, please identify the following:

  1. Which of the communication models (transmission/linear, interaction, or transaction model) do you think is being demonstrated? Why?
  2. Label/Describe the parts of the model (sender/receiver/communicator, channel, noise, social context, relational context, and psychological context)
  3. What would you recommend the two characters do, in the future, to prevent this type of outcome from happening?


When thinking about communication needs (physical, instrumental, relational, and identity) please pick a different character and scene, from this episode, to illustrate each of the four different communication needs. A short description of each scene is all that is needed.


When thinking about listening styles (action-oriented, content-oriented, people-oriented, or time-oriented), please tell me which style you think each of the following characters would have. Why did you choose that style?

  1. Nurse Jackie (Head Nurse)
  2. Zoey (New Intern)
  3. Dr. O’Hara (Female Doctor)
  4. Dr. Cooper (Male Doctor)
  5. Gloria Akalitus (Hospital Administrator)
  6. Mohammad (Male Nurse)
  7. Eddie (Pharmacist)


Select one of the bad listening practices discussed in Chapter 5, and tell me where you saw it being used in the episode.  What was the outcome of this listening practice?


Which character do you feel demonstrates the highest level of communication competence? Why did you choose this character? Please make sure to justify your answer using the characteristics (effective, appropriate, and knowledgeable about various contexts).

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