IoT Archittecture: Discuss one of the following components

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words) 

Management is worried, after consulting with the IT department that the current documentation of the present architecture was not done correctly and with the required details, therefore if IoT is implemented they desire more detailed graphical documentation on its implementation. Discuss one of the following components as part of an architecture model graphic to be delivered to management and within your assignment for the asset tracking system:

  • Devices (Generic device – Sensing and Actuating Devices)
  • IoT Application (transforms the data for value to the user)
  • Cloud/Server (data storage, processing and management)
  • Gateway capability (data is acquired, forwarded to the communications network)

You will be able to transfer the research and discussion items from here to your Unit 5 assignment so be sure to glean as much information from the research and others to ensure assignment content depth.

An example of the required level of detail for your graphic can be found at .

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