Emerging Threats and Counter Measures Responses

Discussion 1 :

As threats evolve and as technology keeps constantly improving, we are also seeking to improve constantly,” Young said. (Claire, 2019) This statement is given by Heather Young, DPSS director of strategic communications. It depicts the priority of security and the technological advancement we need to learn and be proactive in facing the threats. Apart from this, Young also states that the university is working on several security measures that had to be implemented soon and updates to the university alert system. Later, enabling the desktop alerts, text and email alerts are also implemented within the university. This example clearly shows the necessity of security measures, especially in an educational organization and in every major business organization, as part of physical security.
Boston University Libraries plans to implement additional security measures by controlling the building access with either students and staff only. (David, 2020) As part of this process, both students and staff were required to make sure they were affiliated with the university only. This measure was because of the longstanding concern over the theft of unattended student materials, laptops, and other valuables in the library by petty thieves. Thus a spokesperson stated that adding up the additional security measures will moderate the problems. 
Hao, C. (2019, Aug 14). ‘U,’ city hall implement additional security measures. University Wire Retrieved from https://search.proquest.com/wire-feeds/u-city-hall-implement-additional-security/docview/2273079939/se-2?accountid=10378.
Hou, D. (2020, Mar 02). Mugar to implement additional security measures soon. University Wire Retrieved from https://search.proquest.com/wire-feeds/mugar-implement-additional-security-measures-soon/docview/2369717219/se-2?accountid=10378.

Discussion 2 :

Physical security is essential as digital or cybersecurity. Physical security needs regular compliance and updates. Most people neglect physical security and mostly concentrate on cybersecurity. They forget that physical safeguarding is as essential as a cyber safeguard.
Below are the top five physical security types
1. Perimeter Security
2. Closed Circuit Television
3. Secured server room
4. Device management
5. Air gapped WiFi network
Most people or organizations forget that even though we are in the era of digitalization. Organizations or infrastructures are not entirely on digital platforms. There is always a physical server or infrastructure which supports digital platforms providing physical security to this infrastructure and providing cybersecurity for the digital platform.
In the scenario explain, we know that Alison is responsible only for the security of company assets, but Brad is a company employee. Even though the organization mostly concentrates on protecting, it is essential to protect its employees on campus. Generally speaking, when we talk about safeguarding assets, it also includes protecting employees as they are also company assets. In this scenario, the organization should install CCTV in their office parking lot. They should also install a guard to monitor activities in the parking lot. These servers physical security for both employee asserts and parking lot of organization.  From the above top five security types in this scenario, we should use CCTV and Permiter protection. CCTV acts as invisible security, whereas Permiter security acts as visible security.
Visible security is best suited when we can prevent a break-in, stealing, or property damage. With visible security, we are telling perpetrators that all their actions are being monitored. In a few scenarios, the perpetrator scans and damages visible security before the break. In this case, invisible protection can help to detect perpetrater. As per my unserstanding its important to have both visible and invisible shields. We can not use inviable security everywhere we have to follow some guidelines and use invisible protection without violating the privacy of people or employees (Mike et al., 2018).
Mike, C., James, M. S., Darril, G. (2018). (ISC)2 CISSP Certified information systems security   professional official study guide: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 9781119475958

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