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Countries With High Levels Of Corruption

Research a country with a reputation for high levels of corruption, such as Nigeria, Russia, or Pakistan. Detail the nature of the corruption that has been reported in the country. Then provide a suggestion for how a United States firm may deal with such issue as they begin to do business there. Focus particularly on the evaluation and control system that will be needed to prevent a situation from occurring. 

Instructions for Assignment:

500 Words Cover page Introduction Main body Conclusion1 Cite 1 Reference

American Political Development: Book Review

American Political Development Book Review

Each student will write a book review of Stephen Skowronek’s Presidential Leadership in Political Time.

Overall, the review should answer the following questions: What is the author’s main argument? How do they prove their argument? What evidence do they use? Do you agree with the author’s argument? Why or why not? What does the author overlook/fail to consider?

Book reviews can be found in most academic journals. You should take a look at these, though bear in mind that not all of these, maybe over half, will be suitable models for you.

There are two problems with book reviews in journals. First, many simply reflect the reviewer’s prejudices – they tell you more about the reviewer than the book. Second, many are technical….

Describe Factors That Might Have Influenced Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Processes Of The Patient You Identified

Post a description of the patient case from your experiences, observations, and/or clinical practice from the last 5 years. Then, describe factors that might have influenced pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes of the patient you identified. Finally, explain details of the personalized plan of care that you would develop based on influencing factors and patient history in your case. Be specific and provide examples. 

Two basic physiological concepts

In our Lab Report Assignment, you will consider how different systems may interact and cause changes in an organism’s physiology. While these reports will be based on hypothetical experiments of your own creation, accurate physiological principles and scientific ethics must be adhered to. 

Consider the different physiological concepts we cover each week in the course.  Select two basic physiological concepts from two separate weeks that interest you!

1. Design an experiment/set of experiments that you could conduct to further explore how these physiological concepts interact with each other.  Simple, straight forward experiments usually yield straight forward figures and hypothesizes… which is what you want!

2. Communicate what your hypothesized outcomes are (as long as your thinking has solid physiological principles and references behind it, there’s no wrong answer).  


Variation in Health Care Processes

Variation in Health Care Processes

One of the key concepts that Dr. Deming (and others) introduced to health care, from industry, was the concept of the variation in key processes.

In addition, one of the main factors that has been identified in the review of patient safety incidents; the rising cost of health care; and the increase in patient complaints is the variation in how we deliver care and service to our patients.

Explain the variation in health care – now and in the past.Give an example of variation that you have experienced in the health care environment – in your work or from personal experience.Explain why you think this a critical issue and how you, as a leader in health care, would address the variation in the….

Ethical opinion form for Faculty of Business and Law (BAL) taught undergraduate and postgraduate students (except MRes)

Ethical opinion form for Faculty of Business and Law (BAL) taught undergraduate and postgraduate students (except MRes)

Instructions to student

This form should be completed by the student, referring to the Guidance Notes to accompany this form and the ‘Research ethics – issues to consider’ guide (also to be found as an appendix to the Guidance Notes). If you are not collecting primary data or data that are identifiable with individuals, then you should answer Qs 1-4, then Q11 and as many of the questions between Qs 12-20 as are relevant in your case. The completed form should then be passed to the supervisor prior to a review of the possible ethical implications of the proposed dissertation or project. Students should read the guidance that accompanies this form….



1. Which of the following is true for compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome (CARS)?

May increase the risk for sepsisThis is a normal response to any infectionNormally occurs before SIRSTypically occurs with autoimmune disorders

2. Which of the following patients does a nurse determine as most at risk for neurogenic shock?

Person with spinal cord injury at T2Person with systemic E.coli infectionPerson stabbed in the legPerson with severe allergies

3. A nurse comments that a patient is displaying an overwhelming immune response to trauma. Which acronym would apply to the nurse’s statement?


4. A patient presents with anaphylactic shock. Which of the following has likely occurred?

Internal bleedingDisruption of the sympathetic nervous systemFailing heart rate and blood pressureMassive bronchoconstriction

5. All of the following are criteria for SIRS….

How would the uptake of a ‘green energy’ product help businesses in this sector achieve low emissions goals?

Purpose of the assignment:  

This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about Part 2 of how you might solve the overall management challenge and why your chosen approach could be the “best way.”  Whereas your goal in A1 (Part 1) was to analyse what the FFCRC does as an R&D organisation, the goal of A2 (Part 2) is to analyse a particular energy product created by Engie Energy Resources (listed below).  In A3 (Part 3), you will bring what you have learned in A1 and A2 together to design a business model / roadmap for FFCRC to present to Engie Energy Resources about how they could work together to commercialise that product.

Overall management challenge: The FFCRC, as an R&D organisation, helps energy businesses design solutions to technical &….

Describe what values of public administration are seen in current events today

200 words with 1 reference for each question.

1. Describe what values of public administration are seen in current events today. Are these events significant? Why or why not. Give specific examples in your explanations. 

2. Choose a person you feel is the most significant to the history of public administration. Explain why this individual was so significant to the development of the field. How did he or she affect the evolution of the field?