Define stress. Identify and describe the three (3) main types of stressors

Option 1 – Define stress.  Identify  and describe the three (3) main types of stressors.  Provide an example  of each type of these stressors.  List the P.O.W.E.R. principles/steps  in effectively managing stress.  In thinking about your own stressors,  describe three (3) healthy coping strategies that you have employed in  the past or that you could use in the future to help you effectively  manage these stressors. 

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Writing Project 2: Comparative Analysis

Review feedback from your instructor (in Grades) on your final draft of Writing Project 1 and/or the half draft of this project, from your peers (in M05 Peer Response–Writing Project….

Develop a work-unit activity analysis in the context of the organization you selected: Apple

Guidelines Objective: The primary purpose of this project is to conduct comprehensive research on your chosen organization and its human resource practices as highlighted in the text and discussed in….

Article for forecasting perishable goods

In conclusion it is important to suggest economic reasons behind this methodology of using AI. Key words: LSTM, prediction, perishable goods, time series, logistics, deliveries,time series Please look for references….