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You are required to provide a written analysis of two of the four cases that will be discussed in class. Students select which two of the four cases used in the course they wish to write-up.  The write-up should:

• Summarize the most important facts.

• Provide an analysis of the relevant issues.

• State the options for the business or entrepreneur.

• Make a recommendation and defend it.

• Be four pages in length (double spaced) or less. 

• Be clear, well-written, and to the point.  Use business memo form.

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Hurricane Policies Through Esche

You are to write a two page paper (full two-pages) double-spaced as answering the following prompt. Choose one of the four main characters in Salvage the Bones (Esche, Randall, Skeetah,….

Flavor and dining in the dark activity

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Happiness Debate Essay (compare/contrast/primary sources)

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