Two basic physiological concepts

In our Lab Report Assignment, you will consider how different systems may interact and cause changes in an organism’s physiology. While these reports will be based on hypothetical experiments of your own creation, accurate physiological principles and scientific ethics must be adhered to. 

Consider the different physiological concepts we cover each week in the course.  Select two basic physiological concepts from two separate weeks that interest you!

1. Design an experiment/set of experiments that you could conduct to further explore how these physiological concepts interact with each other.  Simple, straight forward experiments usually yield straight forward figures and hypothesizes… which is what you want!

2. Communicate what your hypothesized outcomes are (as long as your thinking has solid physiological principles and references behind it, there’s no wrong answer).  

Each scientific journal uses a slightly different formatting style, but most share a few common characteristics, which include an: 1. Introduction, 2. Materials and Methods, 3. Results and Discussion, and 4. References. 

 -At least two scientific references (ie. two scientific articles in journals; textbooks and encyclopedias may be used, but do not count as scientific references for this assignment) should be cited in your lab reports. —Two figures are expected for this assignment (refer to the lab report instructions)

For further instructions please read the Lab Report attached.

To pick the two basic physiological concepts needed to write the lab report please refer to the attached files named Experiment # Pre-Reading. You only need to choose two!

The example for this assignment is located in the Lab Report file titled “A Model Paper”

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