World Literature I Literary Analysis Research Assignment

For the research assignment, you will write a 5-paragraph literary research paper. 

Write Semester Research Essay

  1. Identify one module that we studied this semester. (Early Chinese Literature and Thought)
  2. Identify the literary work we studied during the module you just identified.
  3. Use CCC’s library databases to locate at least two outside sources about the unit and literary work you have identified. (GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, OR OTHER SOURCES OUTSIDE OF USING CCC’S LIBRARY DATABASES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE).
  4. Write a five-paragraph research essay in MLA format about the module and the work you have identified. Your focus may be on one of the following:  A.  The focus of writers during that time period and how that particular literary work fits into that time period.   B.  The writer/poet’s style of writing including his/her use of literary devices, sonnet, etc..  C.  Character analysis.  D.  Common Themes in a poet’s works and how it relates to that time period.
  5. The final product must include the following: five paragraphs with a clear beginning, middle and end. In-text citations in MLA format, and a Works Cited page that includes at least three entries (the two library sources and your textbook). will also be beneficial to you during this assignment.

NOTE:  My expectation is that each student in this class is capable of composing a research essay/literary analysis. If you do not know how to do a research essay, please find someone who can assist you. I will be more than glad to answer questions relating to the assignment, but you really need someone to assist you through this process. My assessment of this assignment will be critical.

Note:  If you have never written a research paper in MLA format, please use the following link as a guide:

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