Assignment 2: Project or Program Proposal

Assignment 2: Project or Program Proposal
Use the assignment 1 (see attached) as the based for the proposal, consider the comments on the side as they must be address in this assignment. Assignment 1 is merely for the purpose of clarifying the topic and serves as a base for the topic. this proposal must use Canadian base evidence and statistic to support this assignment. Following the guidelines of a prototype proposal (see attached for example) provided in class, your proposal will be sent out to a classmate for a blind peer review (for Assignment 3).
Criteria for Assessment:
Assessment of proposals will focus on the adherence to the guidelines of a prototype proposal (see attached example) and principles of proposal writing discussed throughout the course (see resource links), including comprehensiveness, completeness, clarity of ideas and conciseness. Content covered in class includes:

• Developing the Groundwork
– Discovering the World of Funders
• Conceptualizing Problems and Needs
• Writing Goals and Objectives
• Developing the Implementation Plan
• Planning the Evaluation
• Preparing the Budget
• Completing the Proposal
• Appraising Proposals
• Waiting for the Appraisal and Wrap Up

The word count for the body of the proposal is 1500 words. Writing, conceptual clarity, and presentation will be critically evaluated.
1. Follow the Proposal Example attached for template.

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