FZ2714 – Managing the Environmental Impact of Disasters

 FZ2714 – Managing the Environmental Impact of Disasters

Assessment 2

Coursework – Written Assignment

              Environmental Protection Plan – Plan Format

Students are required to complete sections with red text headings.

The following references are provided as electronic attachments to this assignment format:

  • Al Ruwais Port – port Information Guide 2018
  • UK Health & Safety Executive HSG165 – Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks
  • WOQOD Requirements for Storage Tank Set-Up
  • Chevron Safety Data Sheet – Distillate Marine Diesel
  • Qatar E-Nature Website – Marine & Coastal Environment. https://www.enature.qa/ecosystem/coastal-marine/

Students are required to cite and list other reference works they may require to support their answer.

  1. Assignment Scenario – Plan Introduction

The port of Al Ruwais currently supplies marine diesel fuel to the port for fuel bunkering operations, by road tanker.  It has been decided to install a 50,000 litre

(50m3) tank with a supply line and off take point at the quayside to assist vessel refuelling.  The tank will be placed in the following location:

Text Box:
  • Aim

The aim of this plan is to detail the risk to the local environment from the installation of the fuel storage tank, the measures taken to reduce identified risks and the multi-agency response arrangements in place to deal with any hazardous incident related to fuel storage and refuelling operations at the site.

  • Marine & Coastal Environment Description

The storage tank will be located at the end of the western pier at Al Ruwais port.  Any spillage of fuel may affect Al Ruwais port and could flow out of the harbour entrance into the surrounding marine coastal environment.

The marine coastal environment is….

  • Risk

The fuel storage tank will be constructed in accordance with HSG165 and WOQOD Requirements for Storage Tank set-Up.  This required a bund to be built which reduces the risk of spill.  A description of the requirements for a 50,000 litre tank, is described at Annex A.

With the tank being built to this standard, the risk of pollution is LOW, although any maritime spillage incident would have SIGNIFICANT impact due to potential lasting and costly environmental and economic damage and impact on the local community.  Therefore, in addition to complying with the standards described for the construction of the storage tank, multi-agency response procedures are required to further reduce any potential damage from a fuel spillage.

The detailed risks to the environment resulting from a spill are as follows:


A risk assessment table is included at Annex B.

  • Environment Protection Plan

A detailed, multi-agency environment protection response plan will be produced to support this plan.  The plan will contain the following sections:

(List the response plan section headings required with description of the information which will be required under each heading)

Annex B contains a detailed list of the specialist oil spill recovery methods which will be used in the plan and a description of Qatar national oil spill capabilities.

  • Warning & Informing

An incident at the storage tank would require the population around the Al Ruwais port are to be warned and informed of the incident. This would be done by…

  • Roles & Responsibilities and Recovery

The Port of Al Ruwais management will follow existing national command and control structures for the management of emergencies with regards to any incident which may occur at the port.  Detail of the roles & responsibilities of each agency will be included in the full Environment Protection Response Plan.  This plan will also include details of planned recovery arrangements.

Annex A: Tank Construction Requirement

Annex B: Risk Assessment Matrix

Annex C: Pollution Response Equipment and techniques.

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