An introductory paragraph introducing the topic and why it is relevant in labor economics

Students are required to complete a short paper summarizing a recent journal article in the field (within the
last ten years). Your paper will be well written and well thought out five-page documents (double spaced, one
inch margins on all sides, and with times new roman font size 12) and will include the following:
1.) an introductory paragraph introducing the topic and why it is relevant in labor economics.
2.) the body of the paper that outlines the methods, data, and findings of the research.
3.) conclusions of the research including policy implications.
4.) your own response to the research (1 page max) including how it is connected to class as well as
your own personal comments about the article/topic. The personal comments are not, “It was cool”,
or “I liked it” but instead I want you to look critically at the issues discussed in the article, and present
your own educated perspective about those issues and how they impact the society in which you live.
What is critically important in this paper is NOT to just copy and paste or paraphrase the article, but to present
what you can understand about the paper using the language of economics that you know. There may be
empirical techniques that you do not understand and that is fine – do not focus on those techniques but rather
on the data they are using, the results, and interpretation of those results.
Journals to consider include; Journal of Labor Economics, Labour Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations
Review, Research in Labor Economics, IZA Journal of Migration, European Economic Review, and the American
Economic Journal.

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