Applied management statistics

Unit 1. Picturing Distributions with Graphs
• Individuals and Variables
• Categorical Variables: Pie Charts and Bar Graphs
• Quantitative: Histograms
• Interpreting Variables: Histograms
• Quantitative Variables: Stem plots, Time Plots
Unit 2. Describing Distributions with Numbers
• Measuring Center: Mean and Median
• Measuring Spread: Quartiles
• Five-Number Summary and Boxplots
• Spotting Suspected Outliers
• Measuring Spread: Standard Deviation
• Choosing Measures of Center and Spread
Unit 3. The Normal Distribution
• Density Curves Normal Distributions The 68-95-99.7 Rule
• The Standard Normal Distribution
• Finding Normal Proportions
• Using the Standard Normal Table
• Finding a Value When Given a Proportion

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