General Assessment of Environment: Car industry (Tesla)

3. External Analysis (~4 pages)
a. General Assessment of Environment (1 – 1½ page)
Assess the general environment, focusing on ONLY the most relevant three of the following segments for your chosen industry: demographic, sociocultural, political/legal, technological, economic, and global. Explain in detail how certain changes or trends in the segments you analyze had (or may have) impact on your industry.
b. Analyze the industry environment (Porter’s 5 forces analysis) (~3 pages)
• Analyze the industry dynamics and provide a detailed description of the competitive forces inside the industry. Use Porter’s Five Forces model to examine the competitive environment.
• Identify the strategic groups in the industry based on relevant criteria you will choose.
• Your aim should be to answer the following two questions in detail: “How attractive is this industry at the current time; that is, is it possible for incumbent organizations to sustain competitive advantage in this industry? Given the observed trends, what is your assessment of industry attractiveness over the longer term (5 to 10 years from now)?”
You should research and read external reports, analysis, news, and other related material and cite them properly for all the sections of this report. Please refer to next page for the stylistic guideline.
c. Conclusion (½ page)
Write a conclusion based on the external analysis you conducted, addressing the main implications regarding the profitability of the industry. Overall, what are the major opportunities for this industry? What are the major threats? Name 2 for each.
Other requirements:
• I take plagiarism very seriously. If you plagiarize others’ work in any way, you will get an automatic zero for your paper. You will submit a hard copy of each paper PLUS upload the final paper to the Assignment link on Canvas.
• Extensive library research is required. If you have any questions regarding researching library databases, you can contact the reference librarian or me. The Internet may be used but only along with other sources. If your paper has only Internet sources but no library sources, you will not receive points for references. Open content sources like Wikipedia are not acceptable references.
• The quality of your project will depend on the quality and extent of external information you collect, and your ability to transform that information into valuable analyses.
• Note as well that late marks accrue rapidly (5 percentage points per day overdue) for any papers received after the stated deadlines.

Strengthening aspects in your papers:

 Evidence of thorough analysis.
 Use of theories and concepts from the textbook and lectures.
 Judgments supported by evidence from the sources.
 Clear articulation of the issues you are addressing.
 Justification for the recommendation that is consistent with your analysis sections.

Damaging aspects in your papers:

× Failure to ANALYZE. Don’t just give facts, do analysis!
× Failure to support opinions by evidence or logical explanation.
× Lack of adequate outside research, such as relying on Google or Wikipedia for information, instead of library’s databases and academic and professional articles.
× Poorly edited or not organized or presented clearly (<link is hidden> failure to proofread any written material and correct obvious misspellings, errors, and sloppy grammar)
× Exhibits that are extraneous to the analysis. (<link is hidden> the reader is left to draw his/her own conclusions and wonder why the exhibit is there)

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