Assignment 2 – Economics of Social Policy

Assignment 2 – Economics of Social Policy
This has a weight of 40% in your overall module marks.
• Assignment 2 is an essay.
• The question is on the next page.
• The word limit is 2,000 words.
• This does not include references (bibliography) and tables/figures.
• At most 3 additional sources of evidence as tables/figures can be included – these
should be labelled, with appropriate captions and sources. You can also add brief
notes beneath each table/figure if they are not self-explanatory with the caption.
• The references, tables and figures should be placed at the end of your essay, with a
page break between them and your essay text.
• The bibliography should be in a consistent style
(e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard)
• Together, the references and your additional pieces of evidence are your “supporting
• See example on Blackboard of how to present this supporting evidence for a
hypothetical essay question: “What explains the difference in the UK Gender pay gap
between older and younger workers?”
• This supporting evidence for your arguments and how it is then used in your essay
will have significant weight in the assessment.
• Any “analysis” (e.g. demand and supply diagrams) should be included and described
within the essay, and not as part of the supporting evidence.
• Formatting: 12pt, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, one inch margins
(e.g. use the formatting of this document!)
• No bullet points – prose only.
• Relevant section headings encouraged – these will not count toward the word limit.
Critically evaluate the following statement:
A. “Before the Covid-19 pandemic, The UK had record high levels and rates of
employment (see here). The introduction of the changes to income support for lone
parents (see summary here), can probably account for the majority of why UK
employment rates had increased over the past two decades.”
If there are any relevant ones, your answer should discuss how other major social and
economic policy changes could (have) interact(ed) negatively or positively with any policy
mentioned, in terms of explaining changes to employment rates, wages etc.

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