Case Study Of Cooperative Business Enterprises

Brief Summary:

Ocean Spray is an American agricultural cooperative of growers of cranberries and grapefruits in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The name “Ocean Spray” was conceived by Marcus L. Urann, a Boston Lawyer who gained a reputation as a “Cranberry King” for cranberry sauces that he packed in tins.

Business Issue:

Ocean Spray is facing legal issues with price discrimination amongst its cooperative members. The lawsuit is in the cooperatives’ home state and that the cooperative broke unified laws that deny equality among members. The 90-year-old brand is not as big and famous as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, so it is hard for them to stay relevant.


The resurrected ocean Spray brand by going viral on TikTok recently. October of last year, Nathan Apodaca, a former laborer at a potato warehouse, filmed himself cursing on a longboard while chugging a carton of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. The 60-second video now has 79.1 million views and counting. This short and simple video alone was enough to bring attention back to this 90-year-old brand. In this digitalized world, for older brands like Ocean Spray to survive, they will have to start modernizing their marketing techniques.


Partner up with popular modern-day brands like Marvel Entertainment and Disney to appeal more to the younger generation. Encourage these companies to integrate their intellectual properties with Ocean Spray products. For example, Marvel can place spiderman pictures onto Ocean Spray juice boxes. This would encourage young children and their parents to purchase these items.


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