Supply chain management is instrumental as it pertains to marketing

DISCUSSION A: So, for this week’s discussion, address the following questions.

  • What is the topic of your essay?  Did you pick one of the essay ideas generated from your interview in the W2 discussion, or did you decide to go with something else?
  • Why might the reader want to read about this topic? 
  • What can or should the reader learn from your story?  Or, what is the main idea/thesis of your essay? 
  • Finally, how is your narrative essay topic difficult to develop?  How is the story difficult for you to tell?  Or, is it?

This is an opportunity to really dissect what you have or are thinking about writing, so be as honest as possible with your responses.  That is the best way to help shape your narrative and the controlling idea that should be driving it. Must be 100 words!

  • DISCUSSION B: Supply chain management is instrumental as it pertains to marketing as marketing plays a key role in integrating supply chain processes and promoting collaboration between stakeholders.
  • In this week’s discussion focus on the benefits of supply chain management, how does the implementation of supply chain management result in enhanced customer value? 

To get you thinking about what happens when supply chain management is absent, do some research around the global toy recall by Mattel in 2007. It was discovered that some toys manufactured in China contained toxic lead paint and a design flaw which caused a safety hazard, Mattel had to recall 20 million toys that had been distributed and sold around the world.  Must be 100 Words.

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