Language Development and Socioeconomic Status

In Chapter 6, you learned that language development is related to a number of environmental factors. Read Chapter 6 Box 6.2 “Language Development and Socioeconomic Status.” Then consider the following scenario that you have been asked to speak to parents of children at a lower income daycare about the importance of reading books and talking for language development.

In your initial post, what specific recommendations from the book would you make to parents for improving their children’s language development? Identify at least three things parents could do and provide a rationale to parents for the long-term benefits of doing these things. Why did you choose these particular recommendations? [All recommendations should be in your own words, not simply copied and pasted from the textbook.} 

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Psychology Counseling Theory & Practice_ Halbur & Vess-Halbur_J

Look over the attached article/survey and follow the instructions below. Name 3 theoretical orientations you scored highest in the article attached and write 1 brief paragraph for each theoretical orientation…..

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