Parenting Styles

Discussion Board 5: Parenting Styles

You’ve been learning about parenting styles in Chapter 12 of the text.  How would you classify your parents’ child-rearing style(s) with you when you were growing up/living at home? If you had other siblings, did your parents use the same parenting style with him or her? Did your parents use the same style with you? Was your parents’ parenting style similar to that of your friends’ parents. Other family members’? What factors might have influenced your parents’ approach to parenting? Elaborate. What were the most common methods of reinforcement and punishment your parents used? Were these techniques beneficial? Why or why not? How do you think you will parent your child as a result of your past and what you are learning in this class? Have your attitudes about spanking changed? Why or why not? Use information from your textbook to frame your answer.

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