What were the key factors behind Douyin’s success in China?

Discussion Points – TikTok’s Rise To Global Markets

  1. Elaborate on the acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue model (AARRR) to analyze the impact of local network effects on digital platform growth.
  2. Understand the challenges, partially the liabilities of outsider ship, that stall network effects when crossing national borders.
  3. Explore the strategic tradeoffs of harnessing global network effects by bringing users together across countries and cultivating local networks in multiple countries.
  4. What were the key factors behind Douyin’s success in China?
  5. What were the main challenges that TikTok faced outside of China? How did TikTok respond to these challenges?
  6. Why did TikTok acquire Musical.ly to enter the North American market?
  7. Could combining Musical.ly and TikTok into a single platform help overcome TikTok current issues?
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