Discussion: Values-Driven Health Communication

Discussion:  Values-Driven Health Communication

You are living in an era when dramatic changes are occurring in our health care system. Many changes are being hotly debated and even challenged in courts across the nation.  This discussion will help you to more clearly explore your level of experience and comfort with health communications from a leadership perspective, encompassing both patient-provider and intra/inter-organizational communications. It will also provide you with an opportunity to think critically about creating evidence-based approaches to effective communication for various audiences.

Read the “Health Sciences Discussion Philosophy” before beginning this discussion. The first question is reflective, so you do not need to complete your assigned materials to engage in conversation. Come back often to discuss your thoughts on the question. Then, when you have completed the majority of your assigned study materials and module notes, join the discussions on the second and third questions to apply what you are learning.

1-Think about your own current position in health care, or one that a position that you aspire to upon graduation from this program. What do you believe the role of a healthcare manager or leaders should be in ensuring that effective communication is woven into the health organization’s everyday functioning – into the culture of the health organization? As you converse together, consider any areas of difference and congruence across the types of health organizations you are discussing.

Now, let’s apply what you have learned.  Before starting this portion, be sure that you have viewed the two required videos:

  • Nelson-Zlupko. (2014, August 22). Effective communication in the workplace (Links to an external site.). First Healthcare Compliance and LNZ Consulting. [Video File, 29 minutes.] This video focuses on effective communication between healthcare professionals. At first, this video may seem quite simple, but the communications issues of focus are issues we as human beings often struggle with.
  • Onie, R. (2018, July). What Americans agree on when it comes to health (Links to an external site.). TED Salon: Optum. [Video File, 12 minutes, 48 seconds.].

Discuss the following questions, putting yourself in a leadership or manager’s lens (meaning that you are both using communication yourself as a professional and guiding those you lead in effective communication).

2-Based on what you have learned through your readings and these videos, what techniques would you employ to promote an effective and sustainable organizational plan for meeting all patients’ communications needs?

3-As a manager, you will be working extensively with teams. Consider what you already know and what you have learned this week about provider-patient, provider-provider, intra-organizational communication, inter-organizational communication, and organization-community communications.

What is one goal that you would like to attain in this course that will help you to improve your effectiveness at communicating with various audiences?

 (Note: We will periodically revisit your goal in the discussions and assignments, so that you will have opportunity to work toward it.)

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