Marine Bio Research Paper

The written assignment will be a review on a specific type of organism that we discussed in class. To keep it simple, I will restrict the type of organism you can review to domain Eukarya, which includes Kingdoms Animalia, Protista, Plantae, and Fungi. I would recommend discussing a specific species of organism (for example, the horseshoe crab, the humpback whale, the marine iguana). You can use your textbooks and other resources (Wikipedia) to discuss the life history of the organism, where they fit in the food web/ecosystem, and their relationship with humanity. Finally, end your paper discussing something recent (<link is hidden> in 2020-20201) and significant about your marine organism of choice. The organism in particular needs to be a specific species of organism (give the genus and species name for this organism). For instance, it was recently discussed how horseshoe crabs are playing a significant role in the development of a vaccine for covid-19.

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