Soap Box Exercise

Working from at least two of the three performance exercises assigned for this week, incorporate the material generated from the exercise into a written exercise. For example, create a scene in which some of the content or mood of your “soap box exercise” is voiced by a character; use one of your “moody object” experiments to explore how an object can influence or create or be associated with a mood in writing; write down and develop the “narration” of your day into a piece of writing that further explores and develops the distancing or alienating effect of “narration” or “description” in writing as opposed to mimicry or a more “realist” performance of events.

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Hurricane Policies Through Esche

You are to write a two page paper (full two-pages) double-spaced as answering the following prompt. Choose one of the four main characters in Salvage the Bones (Esche, Randall, Skeetah,….

Flavor and dining in the dark activity

Flavor and dining in the dark activity Figure out a way to blindfold yourself so you are completely without vision for an entire meal (as best as possible) Have a….

Happiness Debate Essay (compare/contrast/primary sources)

Happiness Debate Essay (compare/contrast/primary sources) What makes people happiest? Watching the sun dissolve like a ball of fire into the evening sky? The ultra clean, metallic smell of a brand….