Reaching Agreement And Closure Report

As a practitioner intervening in the Patton family conflict, prepare a report in the form of a paper of at least 1,200 words describing your chosen ADR process (mediation, arbitration, etc.) and your intervention strategy (how you will proceed). The Patton family case study is attached.

Include the following:

  • Who will you include and why you would include these participants?
  • How will you design the process?
  • What ground rules/guidelines will you use, and where will you start (issues)? 
  • Identify and include your initial goals – what you hope to accomplish.

 Support your conclusions with at least two different peer-reviewed sources.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, which includes an introduction, in-text citations, a conclusion and a reference page. All substantive portions, including sub-categories within the body of the paper, must include headings and all requirements set forth in the Instructor Policies announcement. 

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