Did Doc and Juliette Paskowitz fulfill their parental responsibility to educate their children and prepare them for adult life?

1. Introductory paragraph, following the instructions (1 paragraph).

2. Brief objective description of the Paskowitzes: the film, who they are, and what choice they made about education that is the issue we are discussing. This should not contain anything about your opinion on or position about what they did — just objective description, as we practiced in Essay 1. (Not more than 1 paragraph).

3. Brief objective explanation of why Doc and Juliette made the educational choices for their kids that they made. This also should not contain anything about whether you agree or not — just explanation of why they made the choices. Use what you see and hear, and what you can infer, from the film (Not more than 1 paragraph).

4. Your thesis, giving your position on the question I ask in the instructions, and the reason(s) for that position. Then, discussion and explanation of your position. This section should be where you use and cite the research source (the Navah Paskowitz interview article) and the “personal experience” that I ask for in the instructions (between 2-4 paragraphs).

5. Conclusion paragraph that wraps up the essay. A reader should be able to read the conclusion and understand what the issue was, and what your position was on it (1 paragraph).

6. Works Cited, at the end, containing MLA-format citations for the film and the research source in alphabetical order. Use the citations I provided on Canvas. Do not use any other sources besides the film and the Navah Paskowitz article.

SOURCES: “Surfwise” movie and article link (below)

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