Significant impact on the way in which organisations are managed from the last six months

Assessment Details:
Your task is to identify and select an article from the BBC News website ( that has a significant impact on the way in which organisations are managed from the last six months. Examples could be business ethics, globalisation, social or industrial conflict, outsourcing, regulation and/or deregulation of business or indeed any substantive issue that impacts on managerial decision making. With this as your starting point, you should then develop and write an essay on your chosen issue using all three broad themes explored in the course:
i. Globalisation
ii. Technology
iii. Conflict and co-operation
You need to identify and use the key ideas and concepts concerning these themes in this module that are most relevant to the core issue that your essay question addresses. You will use these to develop a comprehensive understanding of your essay topic.
You are required to have developed your idea by week 23 (term week 5) and submit the pro forma to your tutor for approval (see the pro forma in the appendix of this document and on Moodle). Please note also that there is a space on the pro forma for the full web URL of the story you have chosen which you must also supply. Please make sure that your news article addresses business management and/or work and employment. Your essay should be structured into sections as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Globalisation
3. Technology
4. Conflict and co-operation
5. Synthesis / discussion
6. Conclusion
7. References
A successfully completed assignment will be consistent with the following guidelines:
• Be appropriately structured, written, presented and referenced (using the Harvard style)
• Feature an appropriate critical issue with sufficient currency, substance and relevance to this course and its learning outcomes (properly justified) to merit analysis and debate
• Feature and make substantial reference to a range of theories and concepts considered in this module. A simple summary of the newspaper article is not acceptable.
• Engage in a critical debate which shows a contextual awareness of the topic and considers the implications or application of the issues for management, businesses, government and / or workers. This needs to be backed by evidence and argument and not be simply prescriptive.
– All ideas and material drawn from the work of others must be properly referenced.
– This is an academic essay not an opinion piece, hence you are required use course materials,peer-reviewed academic literature and appropriate and relevant secondary sources. Web blogs and websites, opinion pieces and grey literature are not acceptable sources.

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