What are some of the major activities of the HR department that can assist the line supervisor in the staffing function?

1. What are some of the major activities of the HR department that can assist the line supervisor in the staffing function? What should be the primary responsibility of the HR staff

and of line supervisors for various employment and other staffing activities? Is there a clear dividing line of responsibility? Discuss.

2. Define some of the major laws and regulations governing equal employment opportunity (EEO). Why have many organizations assigned to the HR department the primary responsibility

for making sure that their employment policies and practices are in compliance?

3. What is the role of job descriptions and job specifications in an effective employee recruitment development program?

4. In what ways do Equal Employment Opportunity laws restrict employers? How do they protect employers? How do they protect potential employees?

5. How would you define “the selection process”? Why is adequate supervisory preparation for an employee selection interview crucial to the interview’s success? Discuss each of the following aspects of conducting an employee selection interview:

a. Opening the interview

b. Explaining the job

c. Using effective questioning techniques

d. Taking notes

e. Concluding the interview

6. Do you remember your first day on your current or most recent job?

  1. What were your feelings? Most of our students admit to being nervous as well as concerned about their ability to measure up.
  2. Describe the type of orientation program you received. What could the organization have done to do a better job of bringing you onboard?
  3. Why do many employers fail to adequately socialize or orient their new hires to the organization?
  4.  How is onboarding for a new employee related to future performance? Discuss the approaches a supervisor may take in onboarding a new employee.

7. What are the different approaches to training and development at the departmental level?

  1. If you had the opportunity to choose between the different training modalities described in the chapter, which would you prefer? Why?
  2.  Why should training programs be evaluated?
  3. Do you believe that on-the-job (face-to-face) training and development will become more or less important in the future? Why or why not?
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