For this assignment, you will search Opposing Viewpoints

Summary Paragraph Directions
For this assignment, you will search Opposing Viewpoints from the Library Resources page.
Find a topic of interest you may use for your research paper.
The Assignment:
1. Select a topic from Opposing Viewpoints. Select one side of the issue. Read information
on the opposing side. Once you have settled on a good article, make your Works Cited
page with the GALILEO provided citation.
2. Select a passage of about 300 words, a passage with good information on the topic. Use
the sample at the end of this handout. Read and understand the passage. Take notes on
the passage. Remember to use only words and phrases, no sentences. Mix up the order
of the information. Then use your notes to write and cite your paraphrase. Be sure you
use no original source wording.
3. Use your notes to write your paraphrase. Write the paragraph or two in your words.
Add the in-text citation. In almost all cases, use the author’s name if you have it.
• …end of sentence (Smith).
• …end of sentence (Smith 42) [Page number if you have it]
• …end of sentence (Smith, Jones). [Two authors]
• …end of sentence (“Views from the Future”). [Only if you have no author, use a
shortened version of the article title in quotation marks.]

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