Analyse the benefits and challenges of using historic buildings for modern tourism, leisure, events and hospitality functions

Individual written report assessing learning outcomes 1-5, comprising 100% of module marks

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and the reuse of historic buildings for contemporary functions are ‘tools’ currently being employed in cities around the world to develop what they offer in the areas of tourism, leisure, events and hospitality.

This assignment is made up of two parts, which are below. All students must complete both parts.

Part 1

  1. Evaluate the concept of a BID and critically discuss the controversies around them.
  1. Appraise the impact that Newcastle BIDs have had using examples. 

Part 2

  1. Analyse the benefits and challenges of using historic buildings for modern tourism, leisure, events and hospitality functions.
  1. Select an example of an historic building used for tourism, leisure, events and/or hospitality functions in either central Newcastle. Examine the building’s history, its current function and critically analyse the impact it has on its surrounding area socially and economically.

Allowance for Coronavirus restrictions affecting section D

I can offer some flexibility on the assignment section D. It is the section of the assignment where accessibility may be affected by coronavirus restrictions. So, for section D you can either complete as above OR you can answer the following question (obviously with reference to literature). It’s completely your choice and the word count is the same.

Critically discuss the role that the reuse of historic buildings for contemporary tourism functions plays in the economic and cultural regeneration of northern English post-industrial cities and the competitive advantage that such cities gain over one another in terms of attracting visitors. Make reference to examples of specific cities but you do not need to visit these places in person.

To note for the entire assignment

Your work should make use of an appropriate number of references from academia and practice and Harvard referencing is to be used throughout the document to reference all sources used. 

You should use maps, images, diagrams, tables and other figures to help communicate what you want to say. Label all figures.  

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