Belt and Road Initiaive

The research paper is based on the effect of the Belt and Road Initiative on Vietnam.

• Currency, Type of Government, Religion (1-2 pages)
• Economy before and after BRI (1-2 pages)
• Main BRI projects in Cambodia, the effectiveness, & pros/cons (1-2 pages)
• Reception of BRI by local people and global views (1-2 pages)
• Compose an analysis of the inter-relatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems (1 page)

Besides the pros and cons, also add some ways in which the cons could be resolved.

– Attached is a document with an abstract or synopsis that can serve as a guide; you don’t have to follow or rewrite it. You don’t have to add an introduction to the paper.
– Just write 1-2 pages per bullet point. There is also a document with some sources. If those are not helpful, you can use other sources.
– There is no limit on the number of sources needed, so I didn’t select a number when placing the order. Use as many as you need.
– Let me know if you need me to add more pages to the order and if you have any questions about this paper and the instructions.

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