Participation Marks assignment

Participation Marks assignment:

  • This assignment is for your participation marks
  • You are to do 5 online activities and write a reflection on those activities (done during outside the virtual meetings times).
  • You are to submit your assignment in the Participation Marks (submit your document here) folder below.
  • Should you encounter any technical difficulties during the submission of your assignment, please refer to the Technical Requirements, Troubleshooting and Support page below.


  • You are to visit 5 different French websites where you can do an oral activity, for example,
    • go on Youtube, and visit the sites (1) Learn French with Alexa, (2) Learn French with Vincent, (3) Learn French with Pascal, or others you might find;
    • visit (1), (2), (3), or others you might find;
    • listen to a French song, with or without the lyrics;
    • or others you can find.


  • Label each activity as (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)
  • For EACH activity:
    • date : 
      • name of site (not YouTube – the name of who it is)
      • link to the site (that I can click on to verify)
    • explain in a paragraph (more than 1 sentence for each section is expected)
      • what is this site about
      • what activity you did (name the activity)
      • how did you find the activity
      • what do you think of the website
      • personal comments (would you use it and/or recommend it & why)
  • Please limit the reflection to 2 pages maximum.
  • You can write your reflection in ENGLISH.

Document (general):

  • You are to submit a SINGLE document.
  • If you submit more than one document, I will only grade the FIRST document submitted.
  • You must SUBMIT (click on “submit”) your document, otherwise your document will be labelled as a DRAFT (and I cannot grade a draft as it is NOT your official submission of the assignment).
  • You are to submit this document DIRECTLY from this functionality.
    • I will NOT accept nor grade this assignment submitted through an external source (ex: via my email).
  • Detailed instructions on how to submit your document will be provided in the Participation Marks (submit your document here) folder (please see the practice folder for a written assignment)

Document (specifics):

  • You are to submit your document in a Word format or PDF.
  • Settings for the document (are the standard ones upon opening a new Word document)
    • font size = 11
    • font type = Calibri (Body)
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