Pre embalming analysis

Perform ( det(iled pre-emb(lming (n(lysis ((s outlined in the text) using the
following decedent inform(tion:
D(te (nd time of de(th: 3 d(ys prior to emb(lming
Dece(sed w(s in ( refriger(ted hospit(l morgue
Immedi(te c(use of de(th: pneumoni( – 3 d(ys
Second(ry C(use of de(th: Influenz( – 1 week
Underlying condition: Liver dise(se – ye(rs
Weight: 195 pounds
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: ple(se determine (nd present c(se (ccordingly
Autopsy: No
Speci(l Conditions:
Livor Mortis in e(rs (nd dependent surf(ces
I.V. bruises on h(nds
I.V. line t(ped to b(ck of h(nds
severe edem( in legs
Guideline on which your m(rks will be b(sed:
Pre-emb(lming (n(lysis (s per text (21 points)
Procedures recommended by the (n(lysis (4 points):
() Vessels for injection (nd dr(in(ge
b) Strength of emb(lming solution
***Ple(se follow the structure provided in the text (nd reviewed in the virtu(l
discussion to perform this (n(lysis. Your (n(lysis is of the 4 p(rts of the preemb(lming (n(lysis identified in the text (nd reviewed in our Virtu(l Discussion.

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